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Nacho’s News: FPL GW34 Preview

Gameweek 34 Hot Topics In this FPL GW34 preview, FPL Nacho discusses the gameweek's hot topics as well as the best captaincy options. As the season draws closer to an end, managers are looking for those players that are going to propel them up the ranks and to mini-league glory.…


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What is a wildcard in FPL – when to use it

In this article, we are going to be covering what is a wildcard in FPL and when to use a wildcard effectively. After establishing the fundamentals of ‘How to play FPL’, it is important to start gaining a deeper understanding of the key parts of the game. With the wildcard…

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Conor is a colorful character with an impressive FPL record! An Everton fan that loves nothing more than playing Fantasy Premier League and winding up Callum.


Callum is the spitting image of former Arsenal player Nacho Monreal. Paired with a strong West Country accent you'll hear him reguarly sounding like one of the Wurzels.

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